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What is SSI?

SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, is a program that provides government benefits to disabled and elderly individuals to help them meet their basic needs. If you have an insufficient work history to qualify for Social Security Disability, you may be entitled to Supplemental Security Income benefits instead.

To qualify for Supplemental Security Income, you must be 65 years old or older, blind or disabled. You must also have limited income and resources to prove your financial need for benefits.

Your Right to Live With Dignity

At The Law Center, we believe that everyone has the right to live with dignity. That’s why we specialize in Social Security law. We are committed to helping you receive the benefits you are entitled to so you can meet your basic daily needs. Supplemental Security Income can help you retain your home, purchase food and help provide the quality of life you deserve.

The Guide You Need

Filing for Supplemental Security Income benefits can be complicated and confusing. Our team of expert lawyers and staff can help guide you through the claims process. We’ll help you determine your eligibility, obtain adequate medical documents and provide legal advice from the initial filing process to the appeals process. We have extensive experience handling a variety of Supplemental Security Income cases, giving us the knowledge and resources to help you claim your benefits.

Contact Us Today

Do you live with a disability and have limited resources, work experience and income? You may be entitled to Supplemental Security Income benefits. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation for your case. Our experienced attorneys will gladly answer any questions you have and provide the solid representation you need.

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