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Gaining Independence

If you are a young adult living with a disability that prevents you from performing substantial work or obtaining gainful employment, it can be difficult to become independent and provide for yourself. You may be relying on your parents and have limited or nonexistent work experience.

At The Law Center, we understand the joy that comes from financial independence and from coming home after a day’s work. That’s why we provide legal services for disabled adults dependent on their parent’s income. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll help secure the benefits you need to feel greater independence.

Do You Qualify for Disabled Adult Child Benefits?

Disabled adult child benefits are available for adults who became disabled before the age of 22 and who do not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits on their own. In order to qualify, at least one of the disabled adult’s parents must be receiving Social Security Disability or retirement benefits.

You may also qualify if you have a deceased parent who was eligible for Social Security benefits at the time of their death. Because these benefits are based on your parent’s income, they are referred to as adult child benefits.

Experienced Attorneys

The Law Center has over 100 years of experience providing legal advice and representation to individuals applying for Social Security Disability and disabled adult child benefits. We are familiar with the claims process and can move your application through the system efficiently whether you are applying for the first time or you are going through the appeals process after a denied application. Whatever your disability, we’ll help you receive the benefits you are entitled to.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you are an adult living with a disability, or if you are the parent of a disabled adult and feel you may be entitled to Social Security benefits, call our office today for a free consultation. Our attorneys will gladly answer any questions you have and help determine your eligibility for benefits.

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