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Are Your Benefits Being Reviewed?

If you are receiving Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits, the Social Security Administration will review your case periodically to determine whether or not you are still eligible for benefits. This review usually happens every three to seven years for adults. If you have received a notice that your case will be reviewed soon, you can count on the experienced Lawyers at The Law Center to help you through the process.

The Guidance You Need

At The Law Center, we understand that the guidelines the Social Security Administration uses to make their decisions can be confusing. When you come to our office, our team will help you prepare for your Continuing Disability Review and help give you your best chance. We will help you gather evidence of your continued disability to prove that your condition has not improved and will continue to prevent you from working. We will also help you understand the review process.

Making an Appeal

If the administration finds that your medical condition has improved to the point where you can work, they will terminate your benefits. If your benefits are cut off, you will have a chance to appeal. Our team of expert attorneys and staff will help you through the appeals process.

We will help you navigate the paperwork and provide the zealous representation you need to regain the benefits you need. Because of our familiarity with the Social Security system, we can also help you continue to receive benefits during the appeals process.

Get Representation

If you are worried about an upcoming Continuing Disability Review, call our office today. We’ll provide you with a free consultation. We will help ensure you retain the benefits you are entitled to.

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