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Will I Get A Stimulus Check?

  • By: The Law Center for Social Security Rights
  • COVID-19

SEE UPDATED INFORMATION AT THE END OF THIS BLOG We have had many questions from our clients and followers about the upcoming stimulus checks, and whether or not they would receive one while receiving SSD or SSI benefits. This is how we understand these stimulus payments will work: Individuals who are eligible will receive “Recovery […]

The coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of  Michigander’s daily lives. Many of us are being asked to stay home and businesses forced to close their doors. We are worried about how the pandemic will negatively impact Michigan’s economy.  More importantly, we are worried about our loved ones who may get sick. Social Security […]

Social Security and the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • By: The Law Center for Social Security Rights
  • COVID-19

Social Security Offices, Hearings, Etc. Effective March 17, 2020, all Social Security offices will only offer phone services. All hearing offices are closed to the public, including claimants and representatives. Social Security’s Office of Hearing Operations (OHO) will contact claimants and their representatives who are currently scheduled for an in-person hearing with the option of […]

What to Know About Continuing Disability Reviews

  • By: The Law Center for Social Security Rights
  • Appeals

In November 2019, the Social Security Administration (SSA) released a proposal concerning Social Security disability programs of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Under the proposal, many SSDI and SSI recipients will be subjected to take part in more frequent ““continuing disability reviews” also called CDRs.  A CDR is sort of […]

Reasons Why Disability Claims are Denied

  • By: The Law Center for Social Security Rights
  • Denials

Millions of people apply for Social Security Disability benefits each year. Out of those millions of applications received by the Social Security Administration, the bulk of cases are denied at the initial level of the disability claim process. Why are so many Social Security Disability claims denied? The reasons for a denial of disability benefits […]

Michigan reinstated reconsideration in October of this year, the first step in the Social Security disability appeal process. Reconsideration has been an important step in the appeal of disability benefits. Nonetheless, 10 states, including Michigan, eliminated the reconsideration step in 1999 to explore ways to reengineer the disability process. According to Social Security’s website, “reconsideration […]

SSD and SSI Benefits Function Reports

  • By: The Law Center for Social Security Rights
  • SSDI

An important part of your application for Social Security Disability and/or Supplemental Security Income Benefits is the “Function Report” (form SSA 3373). This form is also called an “activities of daily living” questionnaire. I cannot stress the importance of this form as it is used by Social Security to determine your functioning and what you […]

Protect Yourself Against Social Security Scam Calls!

Fraud and scam calls are unfortunately part of everyday life in the digital age we live in. Whether it’s the call urging you to extend the warranty on a vehicle, offering a free vacation or paying off your credit card. At a recent conference, there was a Social Security public relations speaker whose main topic […]

Social Security Administration adjudicators can see social media accounts of people who have applied for or receive disability benefits. It is not known how much these accounts are looked at as part of determining whether one qualifies for disability benefits. We just simply do not know. However, it is likely that it is used at […]

What is a SSI “PERC” Interview?

  • By: The Law Center for Social Security Rights
  • SSI

What is a SSI “PERC” Interview? A “PERC” interview happens once you have been approved for SSI disability benefits. It stands for “pre-effectuation review conference”. It’s a financial interview to see how much SSI benefits you will be eligible for. This interview only happens for SSI benefits and will not happen for SSDI benefits. Since […]