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July 2021

In Person Hearings and the Reopening of Social Security

  • By: The Law Center for Social Security Rights
  • COVID-19

Since March 2020, the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) hearing offices have remained closed due to Covid-19. SSA is currently offering hearings in disability claims by phone since March 2020 and by video since May 2021. The telephone hearing does not require anything special but for a telephone line (either cell phone or landline). The video […]

ABLE Accounts

  • By: The Law Center for Social Security Rights
  • SSI

The ABLE Act allows individuals who were deemed disabled before the age of 26 to save money in specific accounts and not jeopardize SSI or Medicaid services. Before The ABLE Act was passed, an individual collecting SSI could not save more than $2,000 or else they would lose all their benefits ABLE accounts allow families […]