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Will I Get A Stimulus Check?

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We have had many questions from our clients and followers about the upcoming stimulus checks, and whether or not they would receive one while receiving SSD or SSI benefits. This is how we understand these stimulus payments will work: Individuals who are eligible will receive “Recovery Rebates” of $1,200. For Married couples, the benefit will be $2,400. A benefit of $500 per dependent child will be paid as well. There are certain eligibility requirements to receive this payment. Generally, you cannot have more than $75,000 of adjusted gross income as an individual, or $150,000 as a married couple to receive the full payment. If your adjusted gross income is more than $75,000/$150,000 but less than $99,000/$198,000 you will still receive a payment but it will be reduced. If your adjusted gross income is above $99,000/$198,000 you are not eligible for the stimulus payment.

For Social Security Recipients

As we understand it, individuals receiving Social Security Retirement, Disability, or SSI will also receive these “Recovery Rebates!” These payments will be considered as tax refunds, and are thus NOT considered countable income for SSI or Medicaid purposes. They are also excluded from countable resources for 12 months after receipt.

It is our understanding that the federal government has waived the need to have filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019 to receive these payments. Instead, they will use your 1099 SSA to determine eligibility if you did not file a tax return. However, because they will not have any information regarding any dependent children you will only receive the $1,200 payment.

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If you’re an SSI recipient who is not also receiving SSD benefits, you must provide the IRS with some additional information to receive the economic stimulus payment recently enacted by congress.  You can provide this information here:

You can find information regarding the stimulus payments for non-filers here:

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