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What is a SSI “PERC” Interview?

  • By:The Law Center for Social Security Rights
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What is a SSI “PERC” Interview?

A “PERC” interview happens once you have been approved for SSI disability benefits. It stands for “pre-effectuation review conference”. It’s a financial interview to see how much SSI benefits you will be eligible for. This interview only happens for SSI benefits and will not happen for SSDI benefits. Since SSI is based on your financial need and there are financial restrictions on your assets and household income to receive SSI, PERCs are conducted before SSI payments begin to make sure that you are still financially eligible for benefits.You will be asked about your current living situation, any change in marital status, money in bank accounts and any assets you may own. You will also be asked about any work activity during the period you are considered disabled. During this interview, you will not be asked about your disability, doctors, or medical conditions. They will not make any medical decisions.

Many times the biggest factor of SSI benefits is your living arrangement.  Prepare any documentation that shows how you are living and who pays for what.  For instance, if you are an adult who lives with your parents, it may be helpful for one of your parents to come to the interview with you.  They can help explain that their assets and income should not be counted against your benefits.  Instead, they can help explain that you will be contributing to the household expenses with your disability checks.  If the person you live with cannot attend the PERC interview, you should bring a statement signed by that person that explains the living arrangements and whether or not you are required to contribute to living expenses.

Typically, your monthly SSI benefits will not begin until after your PERC is completed.The best advice is to brief, clear and honest.

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